Project Development

DC-PV has an extensive experience in coordinating and preparing dozens of projects for different national and foreign developers of photovoltaic plants in Portugal. The company handles the process from the pre-project phase to the final phase of connection to the grid and obtaining the DGEG certificate of exploitation.


– Land prospecting;

– Photovoltaic plant preliminary layouts and comparative production;

– Electrical project for licensing at DGEG;

– Request for PIP and architectural projects;

– Environmental project coordination;

– Obtaining building permits;

– Grid connection coordination of infrastructure projects.

Other specialties
DC-PV also coordinates the following specialties complementary to the projects:

  • Topography; Geology and Surveys and Pull Out;
  • Water Projects; Acoustics; Gas and ITED;
  • Technical analysis of EPC proposals and decision support;
  • Monitoring and supervision of the plant’s construction work.