Maintenance & Monitoring

A complete maintenance service consisting in regular monitoring of the system performance and an annual inspection is offered so that the client can take full advantage of its PV solar system. This service contributes immensely to the efficiency and longevity of the installation.

Maintenance visits involve an exhaustive check of the different system components, which include the solar PV modules, the inverter, the structure, the monitoring system, the batteries (when applicable) and the electrical wiring.

DC-PV guarantees the handling of eventual warranty cases with manufacturers that are covered by the manufacturer conditions. DC-PV can identify the problem, handle logistic and re-install the components according to both manufacturers conditions and contracted maintenance plan.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Biannual cleaning of the installed panels on low slope roofs is recommended, since the accumulation of dust and dirt spoils the energy production of the solar photovoltaic system.

For this reason, DC-PV offers the option of a maintenance contract that includes cleaning the customer’s panels at the ideal time to ensure an efficient supply of solar electricity and thereby ensuring a high level of savings.